Sports massage therapy is a vital tool in helping people like you reduce stress, sleep more soundly, fix postural issues, reduce stress, transition from injured to healthy, and reach your full potential.  

Give StrongFit Walsall's brand new sports massage package a try and learn how you can increase your range of motion, relax more fully, improve your flexibility, and improve your body’s circulation.  

Increase the overall functionality and efficiency of your body with sports massage at StrongFit Walsall today!



Sports massage utilises a number of manual techniques that work to manipulate the musculature, tendons and ligaments in the body. Sports massage works to improve the efficiency and function of the muscular and skeletal system and has become increasingly popular amongst elite level athletes and everyday CrossFitters alike.


Sports massage has been proven as an effective method of releasing tension in the muscles and is supported by a large and growing body of scientific literature. However, the benefits of sports massage are not limited to increasing overall functionality and efficiency of your muscles, sports massage also provides many other additional benefits that will help you: Improved circulation Removal of waste products from the muscles Scar tissue improvement Relaxation Improved flexibility Increased Range of Motion

Who will be treating you?

About Jason Hughes  

I've been involved in sport and exercise the majority of my adult life.

As a teenager I was playing rugby and out on my bike, and then in my early twenties I discovered my love of strength training. Then in my thirties life changing work circumstances made me reassess my life and the only thing that had been a constant in my life was training and exercise.So I returned to full time education in 2004 at the age of 37, at first to become a Personal Trainer, and then moved into fitness and health club management, before returning to coaching.  

I opened my Strength & Conditioning facility, StrongFit Walsall, in 2013, and over the last 6 years have had the opportunity to develop my own coaching team. As an experienced coach I recognised that my own use of manual therapy techniques had benefited me greatly to assist recovery and improve my mobility and flexibility.  

Additionally, I would see my coaching clients having the occassional niggle caused through soft tissue dysfunction, and with my coaching team developing, it was the next logical step in my own development as a coach to use my extensive knowledge and experience of anatomy, physiology and strength and conditioning to apply soft tissue treatments and prehab/rehab exercises to bring clients back to functional health as quickly as possible.


60 minute Consultation + Sports Massage £55  

(All new clients MUST book a 60min consultation which includes taking a full history of the client, postural analysis, physical tests 30min of soft tissue treatment)  

45 minute Sports Massage £40 

30 minute Sports Massage £30

Why should you book a consultation now? 

​Sports massage therapy is a vital tool in the injury rehabilitation process, helping athletes and non-sports performing transition from injured to healthy. Furthermore Sports massage can also help with postural issues, walking mechanics and stress reduction all of which may be preventing you reaching your potential!